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Planet Prog (Music) with Mark Krueger 06/02/2013 09:00PM to 10:30PM

09:01PM Presto Ballet “Watching the Radio” from Relic of the Modern World (Rock, 2012) on Body Of Work Recordings

09:10PM Birds and Buildings “Birds Flying Into Buildings” from Bantam to Behemoth (Rock, 2008) on Emkog

09:19PM Lifesigns “LightHouse” from LifeSigns (Rock, 2013) on Esoteric Recordings (UK)

09:33PM Motoi Sakuraba “Megrim” from What's Up ? (Rock, 2013) on Musea (France)

09:39PM Sloche “C'Pas Fin Du Monde” from C'Pas Fin du Monde (1976) on RCA (France) — French Canadian Band

09:47PM Spock's Beard “A Treasure Abandoned” from Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep (Rock, 2013) on InsideOutMusic

09:56PM Riverside “Conceiving You” from Second Life Syndrome (2005) on Inside Out (Poland) — Polish Group

10:14PM STEVE WILSON “The Watchmaker” from The Raven That Refused To Sing (2013, added 03/31/2013) on k scope (UK)

10:15PM The Future Kings of England “Mustard Men” from The Fate of Old Mother Orvis (Rock, 2008) on Backwater Records

10:22PM Franc Albir “007 Vs. El Dr. Mam” from Hoc (Rock, 2013) on Musea ParallŹle