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Planet Prog (Music) with Mark Krueger 05/19/2013 09:00PM to 10:30PM

09:02PM Kafragen “Mad Dogs of Destiny” from Aleatorical

09:12PM Flash “Night Vision” from Featuring Ray Bennett & Colin Carter (Rock, 2013) on Purple Pyramid Records (UK)

09:19PM Franc Albir “007 Vs. El Dr. Mam” from Hoc (Rock, 2013) on Musea ParallŹle

09:22PM Special Providence “LABYRINTH” from Labyrinth (Rock, 2008) on Hunnia Records & Film Production

09:30PM Neal Morse “World Without End (feat. Neal Morse)” from Momentum (feat. Neal Morse) (Rock, 2012) on Metal Blade/Radiant Records

10:07PM Liquid Wolf “Two Wheels” from First Light (Rock, 2012) on Samsara Records

10:14PM Amplifier “Matmos” from Echo Street (Rock, 2013) on Kscope (, UK)

10:21PM Asturias “Suite of Fate Argus Last stand” from FRACTALS (2011)