91.7 FM, WMSE Milwaukee

Planet Prog (Music) with Mark Krueger 09/08/2013 09:00PM to 10:30PM

09:02PM D.F.A. “Vietato Generalizzare” from 4th

09:08PM Yuka & Chronoship “Oxygen Suite” from Dino Rocket Oxygen (Rock, 2013) on Musea Parallèle

09:27PM Oblivion Sun “everything” from The High Places (Rock, 2013) on Prophase Music (USA)

09:33PM Corima “Tezcatlipoca” from Quetzalcoatl (2012) on Soleil Zeuhl (USA)

09:50PM Nightwish “Beauty of the Beast” from Century Child

10:03PM District 97 “back and Forth” from Trouble With Machines (Rock, 2012) on Laser’s Edge

10:12PM Mavara “Season of Salvation” from Season of Salvation (Rock, 2013) on Transit Music Group/Global Music Initiative — Band from Iran

10:19PM SILHOUETTE “breathe” from Across the Rubicon (Rock, 2012) on Nordic Records (Sweden)