Planet Prog Playlist 01/06/02

Artist Song Album
Dreams of Sanity The Beginning That Lies The Game
Warlock Eyes of the Witch Warlock
After Forever Forlorn Hope Decipher
Tryo Fanfarria Crudo
Mark's interview with Dave Burkowitz and Jeff Konkol
of Dimension X
Dimension X Corporate Ladder Adventures in
Time & Space
Strange Land Not for the World Anomaly
interview continued
Shadowcaster Crusade Freedom
BattlestaR CadillacticA Fallen Corpullence 1.0
Rhapsody The Wizzard's Last Rhymes Rain of a Thousand Flames
Quella Vecchia Locanda Prologo Quella Vecchia Locanda
Xang The Prediction Destiny of a Dream
La Torre dell'Alchimista Eclisse La Torre dell'Alchimista
Artist Song Album


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