Planet Prog History

Since 1977 the airwaves of Milwaukee, Wisconsin have been treated to 
Prog music on the radio by Mark Krueger.  When the show started, 
it was simply known as as the Import Show because most Progressive Rock 
was found in the import section of many record stores.  

The show began during the tail end of the first wave of Progressive Rock
in early 1977.

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Imagine to go back then in time when bands such as
Pulsar, Atoll, Eloy, Shylock, Novalis, Crucis and countless others were
new, fresh and still together.

The station the show began on was WZMF-FM at 98.3.  WZMF-FM was a
regular commercial station which was on air in Milwaukee from 1967 to
1979.  In 1979 the station was sold and the format changed to easy

From there, Mark took his show to a new college station in Milwaukee,
WMSE-FM.  The show was on the air for about 9 months.  In late 1980 Mark
was asked to join the airstaff of Milwaukee's Powerhouse FM rock station
WQFM at 93.3FM.  From that time until 1995 Mark played Prog music on a
50,000 watt powerhouse station.

Being on such a large commercial station which was rated #1 12+ in the
Milwaukee Market all during the 80's, Prog music became a regular part
of Milwaukee radio.  In fact, bands such as Eloy, Guru Guru, Pulsar and
many others had regular sections in many local record stores.

The early 80's were a rough time for Prog.  Many of the great
bands of the 70's broke up or had gone commercial and there were not
many new ones to take their place.

Mark still kept going by playing many of the 70's bands along with some
of the new bands of the time including Flame Dream, Anyone's Daughter,
P'Cock and a few more.  

In late 1982 and early 1983 a new batch of progressive bands were making
waves in England and Planet Prog was there to pick it up.  Bands such as
Marillion, Pallas, IQ, Pendragon and many more gave Prog rock a good
kick in the ass and it's a kick still felt today.  

In 1995 WQFM switched format to smooth jazz and Planet Prog was off the
air.  All of a sudden radio station WMSE gave a call to Mark and asked
him to continue the show on 91.7FM WMSE.

Mark accepted the offer and from then to today Prog music still is on
the airwaves of Milwaukee radio.

"Planet Prog also has an incredible library of music to choose from.  The
Planet Prog library has over 6,000 CDs, 20,000 albums and 8,000 45's of
Prog music.  If it is rare there is a better than 50/50 chance it's in
the Planet Prog Music Library which was started in 1969 when Mark began
collecting the music he loves.

Planet Prog could be the longest running progressive rock show in the
world and now with the internet, you don't have to live in 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin to enjoy it.  Turn on Planet Prog and hear what over 
1 million Milwaukeeans have been enjoying since 1977.


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