Planet Prog Playlist 02/21/99

Artist Song Album
Sunblaze Sunblaze Illuminating Heights
Halloween Beginning Silence au dernier rang
Cast The Rescue Beyond Reality
Synopsis Cities Gamme (1980)
Simon Phillips ESP Another Lifetime
Morte Macabre Sequenza Ritmica Etema Symphonic Holocaust
Tempano Atabal Yemal Atabal Yemal (1980)
Attila Kollar The Dark Middle Ages Musical Witchcraft
Cap Il Mercante Nei Gorghi Del Tempo
Carpe Diem Voyage of No Return Way Out - As the Time Goes By
Garden Wall No More Chimica
Quidam Morelowy Sen Sny Aniolow
Event Perfect Illusion Electric Skies
Kebnekajse Resa Mot Okant Mal Resa Mot Okant Mal (1971)
Porcupine Tree Sleep of No Dreaming Signify
Eden Taste Erinnerungen Meilensteine
Vienna Fall in Alone Step Into
Tempus Fugit The City and the Crystal Tales From a Forgotten World
Iconoclasta La Maternidad del Alacran De Todos Uno
Marge Litch Starting For Adventure Fantasien (1998)
Blezqi Zatsaz Heart and Soul Rise and Fall of Passional Sanity (1992)
Artist Song Album


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