Planet Prog Playlist 03/04/01

Artist Song Album
Substitute host: Mark Dietrich
Programming by Danny Koeberl, Mark Dietrich
and "Bubbles" your Planet Prog Webmaster
Midas The Slough of Despond Symphonic Rock Collection
IQ The Wrong Side of Weird The Seventh House
Aphrodite's Child The Four Horsemen 666
Ambeon Cold Metal Ayreonauts Only
Odissea track 1 Odissea
Somnambulist Unlearning Folds of Red Somnambulist
Joe Byrd &
the Field Hippies
Kalyani /
You Can't Ever Come Down
The American Metaphysical
Mr Quimby's Beard Nebulae The Definitive Unsolved
Mysteries of ...
Big Amongst Sheep tracks 4,5,6 Space is a Lonely Place
Artist Song Album


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