Planet Prog Playlist 04/04/99

Artist Song Album
Dali's Dilemma Within a Stare Manifesto for Futurism
Ayreon Dreamtime The Final Experiment
Datura Sang Fovtie Haine (?) Mr Untel (1982)
Castanarc The Dream Little Gods
Spock's Beard The Good Don't Last The Kindness of Strangers
Quatermass Gemini Quatermass (1970)
Anyone's Daughter Moria Live
Fish Tumbledown Raingods with Zippos
Marillion Easter Seasons End (1989)
Calliope Terra di Maggio Il Madrigale Del Vento
Porcupine Tree Always Never Up the Downstair (1997)
Porcupine Tree Signify Signify
Artist Song Album


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