Planet Prog Playlist 07/23/00

Artist Song Album
Nuova Era Cattivi L'Ultimo Viaggio
Banco Nude Part 1,2,3 Nudo
Secret Sphere Dawn of Time Mistress of the Shadowlight
Secret Sphere Age of Wizard Mistress of the Shadowlight
Mark's interview with Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull
Jethro Tull Awol
Jethro Tull First Post Nightcap
Jethro Tull Animelee Nightcap
Jethro Tull Tiger Toon Nightcap
Jethro Tull Look at the Animals Nightcap
The Trip Caronte Caronte I
Doracor The Castle The Long Pathway
Malombra The Witch is Dead Malombra
Artist Song Album


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