Planet Prog Playlist 07/29/01

Artist Song Album
Nathan Mahl Malleus Maleficarum Heretik Vol II The Trail
Le Orme Danza del Vento I /
Il Vento il Cielo e la Notte /
Danza del Vento II
Land of Chocolate Unicorn on the Kob Unikorn on the Cob
Soniq Theater The Power and the Glory Soniq Theater
Mostly Autumn The Last Bright Light The Last Bright Light
Glass No Stranger to the Skies No Stranger to the Skies
Priam Congruatic Diffraction
Cairo The Prophecy Time of Legends
Peter Hammill Lunatic in Knots What Now!
Pallas For the Greater Glory The Cross & The Crucible
Artist Song Album


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