Planet Prog Playlist 08/22/99

Artist Song Album
Mostly Autumn Folklore For All We Shared
Eternite Memesi Les Chants de l'Eternite
Eternite Apocalyptus Les Chants del Eternite
Horslips The Power and the Glory /
The Rocks Remain
Shade Performance Excerpts from the Rock Ballet
Nathan Mahl Orgasmik Out-Burst Parallel Eccentricities
Vincent Dionne &
Michel-Georges Bregent
Ouverture La Prophete deux
Ten Jinn Darkling Plain As On a Darkling Plain
Rhapsody Symphony of Enchanted Lands Symphony of Enchanted Lands
Sense of Wonder Sadistic Psychic Tiger Shingenma Taisen
Mostly Autumn Shenanigan For All We Shared
Thinking Plague Dead Silence In Extremis
Artist Song Album


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