Planet Prog Playlist 10/22/00

Artist Song Album
Flower Kings Rumble Fish Twist Space Revolver
Deyss Vision in the Dark Vision in the Dark
Ozric Tentacles The Hidden Step The Hidden Step
Everon Face the World Everon
Arena A Crack in the Ice The Visitor
Ritual Big Black Secret Ritual
Nightwish Tutankhaman Nightwish
Nemesis Psychogeist Abraxas
SFF Pictures Symphonic Pictures
Erik Norlander Rome is Burning Into the Sunset
Martin Orford The Field of Fallen Angels Classical Music
Zello I Will Be the Wind Quodlibet
Anyone's Daughter Come Away Adonis
Mark's interview with Gianni Leone from Il Balletto di Bronzo
Il Balletto di Bronzo Introduzione / Primo incontro /
Secondo incontro / Terzo incontro
Il Balletto di Bronzo Tastiere isteriche Trys
Artist Song Album


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