Planet Prog Playlist 11/05/00

Artist Song Album
Rare Vinyl Show / Programming assistance by Ken Grant
Leb i Sol Hogove Rucni Rad
Madison Dyke First Step Zeitmaschine
Eternite Concert Les Chants del Eternite
Octopus The Boat of Thoughts The Boat of Thoughts
Le Groupe X To Reject Frrrrigidaire
Datura Sang, foutre haine Mr Untel
Opus Traumbild Opus
Wurtemberg Rockopus I Rock Fantasia Opus 9
P'Cock The Actor's Fun The Prophet
Biscaya Howl in the Sky Biscaya
Faithful Breath Stick in Your Eye Back on My Hill
Thalassa Far From Me Suffer and Misery
Netherworld Isle of Man In the Following Halflight
Axis Waiting a Long Time Axis
Artist Song Album


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