Planet Prog Playlist 12/27/98

Artist Song Album
Par Lindh Project Baroque Impression #1 Munbus Incompertus (1997)
Eloy Awakening of Consciousness (6'03") Ocean 2 (1998)
Cast Initiation Angels & Demons
Ayreon Into the Electric Castle
Thinking Plague Dead Silence In Extremis (1998)
Roine Stolt Cosmic Lodge Hydrophonia
Vienna Entrance
Spock's Beard The Good Don't Last The Kindness of Strangers
Imagia Oria (?) need in Band Index
Korni Grupa Divlge Jojob (???)
need in Band Index
Best of
baG A (?) baG
A Triggering Myth The Awful Truth (7'52") The Sins of Our Saviours (1998)
Payne's Gray Within the Vault Kadath Decoded
Kopecky The Rise and Fall of Stella Morbida Kopecky
Sunblaze Distant Reaches Illuminating Heights
Angra Lisbon Fireworks
Everon Face the World Nic(?)
Tiemko Requiem Espace Fine (1989)
Liquid Tension Experiment Kindred Spirits Liquid Tension Experiment
Zero (?) Metamorphisis
need in Band Index
Runaway Totem OT Trimegisto
Artist Song Album


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