Planet Prog Playlist 01/31/99

Artist Song Album
Ars Nova Ani's Heart and Maat's The Book of the Dead (1998)
Ars Nova Feather/Hapi The Book of the Dead (1998)
Leger de Main Silent Monster Second First Impression
Interview with Alphonso Vidales of Cast about the 1999 Baja Prog Festival
Cast In the Light of Darkness Four Aces (1995)
Arena A Crack in the Ice The Visitor
Scott McGill The Great Unwashed The Hand Farm
Minimum Vital Mystical West La Source (1993)
Musica d'Repuesto Parche AVabvC
Halloween House with No Door Silence
Step Ahead Right or Wrong Step Ahead (1982)
Iconoclasta Invocalion a lo Mejor de la Humanidad Detodos Uno
IQ War Heroes Are You Sitting Comfortably?
Tribute Didn't You Notice Terra Incognita (1990)
Artist Song Album


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