Planet Prog Playlist 02/07/99

Artist Song Album
Teru's Symphonia Maria Do Androids Dream of Electric Camel?
Payne's Gray Within the Vault Reaching Kadath Kadath Decoded
Pallas Beat the Drum Beat the Drum
Garden Wall W8LESS The Seduction of Madness (1995)
Synergy Disruption in World Communications Semi-Conductor
Big Picture Shine On Big Picture
Perfume de Mujer Revolver Pollos D' Granja
Motoi Sakuraba Tides of History Force of Lights
Finnforest Mika Yo Finnforest (1975)
Albion Golotha Albion (1995)
Morte Macabre Apoteosi Del Mistero Symphonic Holocaust
Argent Lothlorien Supernatural Fairytales
Le Orme Ritorno al Nulla Felona and Sorona (1973)
Artist Song Album


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