Planet Prog Playlist 03/05/00

Artist Song Album
Substitute host: Mary Bartlein of Instrumental Saturdays with Mary Bartlein
Programming: Karen / "Bubbles" the Planet Prog and Inst Sat webmaster
Asturias Rogus Brilliant Streams
Quaterna Requiem Aquartha Velha Gravura
Korai Orom track 6 1997
Phil Thornton
with Mandragora
Rainbow Chant While the Green Man Sleeps
Dark Sun Time Space Continuum Metazoon
In the Labyrinth Lop Nor Walking on Clouds
Melting Euphoria Twilight Under
Western Skies
She Wants To Take Us
Over the Edge of the World
Lyden Moon Throw 'Em a Bone Supersonic Musical Voyage
Arthur Brown's
Kingdom Come
Creation Galactic Zoo Dossier
Phil Thornton
with Mandragora
Xylem While the Green Man Sleeps
Tyburn Tall America Live … and passion
Garden of Delights sampler
Psychedelic Underground 3
Artist Song Album


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