Planet Prog Playlist 06/25/00

Artist Song Album
Mark's back from NEARfest with a stack of new CDs and a 3 hour show
Nightwish Stargazers Oceanborn
Stramonio Awake The Jester Seasons of Imagination
Mastermind The End of the World Angels of the Apocalypse
Baalbek Fata Morgana Fata Morgana
White Willow The Reach Sacrament
Xang Bitterness Destiny of a Dream
Bjorn Johansson Time Fracture Discus Ursis
Ayreon Chaos Flight of the Migrator
Ayreon Dawn of a Million Souls Flight of the Migrator
Ayreon Journey on the Waves of Time Flight of the Migrator
Ayreon To the Quasar Flight of the Migrator
P'Cock The Actor's Fun The Prophet
Peter Hammill Like Veronica None of the Above
Nightwish Moondance Oceanborn
Chaneton Heroe's (sic) graves Questions Inside the picture
Chaneton Bridge / Tears in the rain Questions Inside the picture
Chaneton A long time past Questions Inside the picture
Saecvla Saecvlorvm Acqua Vitae Saecvla Saecvlorvm
The Underground Railroad The Comprachicos of the Mind Through and Through
The Underground Railroad In the Factory Through and Through
Ensemble Nimbus Trial by Error Scapegoat
Thieves Kitchen Tanus Head
Metaphor Seed Starfooted
Artist Song Album


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