Planet Prog Playlist 07/02/00

Artist Song Album
Nightwish The Pharoah Sails to Orion Oceanborn
Ozric Tentacles Space Out Swirly Termination
Ayreon The New Migrator Flight of the Migrator
Xang The Prediction Destiny of a Dream
Mark's interview with Pedro Castillo of Tempano
Tempano Lugar de Casas Nuevas Childhood's End
Porcupine Tree Russia on Ice Lightbulb Sun
Dug Dug's Smog Smog
Dunwich Passagio a Saint Briac Eternal Eclipse of Frost
Dunwich il Nostro Incanto Eternal Eclipse of Frost
Ankh Dudziarz Ziemia I Slonce
Everon Right Now Fantasma
Everon Til the End of Time Fantasma
Everon Fantasma - Theme Fantasma
Everon The Real Escape Fantasma
Everon Whatever it Takes Fantasma
Artist Song Album


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