Planet Prog Playlist 08/19/01

Artist Song Album
Scenario Godot's Arrival
1) The Arrival
2) In This Scenario
3) The Cracking Point
A Fearful Symmetry
Ars Nova Android Domina Android Domina
Nexus Despertar dentro de un sueno Metanoia
Cast Reality or Misantrophy
Medley, Initiation, Echoes,
After All
La Torre dell'Alchimista Lo gnomo La Torre dell'Alchimista
Soniq Theater Rondeo Soniq Theater
Pallas Tower of Babble The Cross & The Crucible
Le Orme Luce Dorata
Danza del Fuoco
Il Respiro
Polydactyl Days of Yoru ProgDay 2001 Sampler
Spock's Beard Thoughts Part II V
Artist Song Album


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