Planet Prog Playlist 08/26/01

Artist Song Album
The Flower Kings In the Eyes of the World Scanning the Greenhouse
Ars Nova Horla Rising Android Domina
La Torre dell'Alchimista Eclisse La Torre dell'Alchimista
Scenario The Fall A Fearful Symmetry
Pain of Salvation Idioglossia The Perfect Element
Calliope Sarajevo Citta di Frontiera
Sigmund Snopek III Flight of the Frees Trinity Seas Seize Sees
Craft Aries Craft
Sigmund Snopek III Waukesha Windows
The Sand King
Trinity Seas Seize Sees
Symphony X The Death of Balance
Absence of Light
Stramonio The Song of the Harvest Fly Seasons of Imagination
Artist Song Album


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